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The shining paths


Suhoffglow surface – Light in the dark. These are firm, smooth, seamless surfaces from pebble, gravel, or crushed stone of the photoluminescent stones connected among themselves by polyurethane with addition. This new generation of photoluminescent rare-earth materials. Are not toxic, not radioactive, do not contain phosphorus or lead, or any other dangerous chemical element. In the afternoon crystals absorb ultra-violet light and after nightfall they let out energy in the form of a long luminescence to 24 h. For charging several minutes are enough. These materials represent advanced technologies in the field of consumption of power equal to zero and as independent light sources. Vital term more than 25 years, without damage to a luminescence. Where there is not enough lighting on streets, in parks and in other places, this technology would make light and saved resources to 80%. It is simply beautiful. It is recommended for floors and paths in commercial and on industrial facilities. For elements of roads and sidewalks. Bicycle routes. For a landscape and architectural elements.

Information is up-to-date: 09.01.2018

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