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The paving slabs shining
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The paving slabs shining


Suhoffglow paving slabs is a usual international DIN 1338 standard for such products from concrete and as additional function a night luminescence. This shining stone for a paving happens any sizes. In a usual look color white-gray or light-blue, or light-green. And are in the dark capable to expressirovat light in it is yellow green, aquamarine and the blue ocean. As well as all products Suhoffglow are ecologically safe, and ability of a luminescence in darkness, helps to provide orientation and safety in night time in dark places. The luminescence lasts more than 8 hours, infinite number of times, for quarter of the century. Light becomes part of the project in public and private open spaces, such as gardens, terraces, squares and sidewalks, pools, fountains. You can save up to 80% of traditional electricity consumption. This original product can be easily established and at once, without wires and a cable, is ready to use.

Information is up-to-date: 09.01.2018

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