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Group: Franchise
Plaster works
Group: Plaster works
Floor covering works
Group: Floor covering works
Floor covering works
Group: Floor covering works
Franchizing and franchize
Sale of the franchize If you still deliberate over what to begin business or whether it is worth starting construction business from scratch, we propose to you the reliable ready solution - to begin own business under the Suhoff brand. This demanded and modern production with profitability from 50...
Group: Franchise
Installation of bulk floors
Bulk floors Polymeric bulk floors for your business and the house. The polyurethane covering of Suhoff was developed together with the German concern Bayer AG that guarantees the highest quality in the list of the various polymeric materials used for the device of bulk floors and protection of...
Group: Installation of liquid polymer flooring (special coverage)
Laying of decorative pavings
Laying of decorative pavings We offer a wide range of modern materials, technologies and decisions for roads, sidewalks, floors, steps, any surfaces, from asphalt, concrete, a tile and even soil. These are developed by our company, on the international standards, products on the basis of...
Group: Device installation, mounting curbs
Laying of small architectural forms
to ozvolta to big pleasure in the form of small architectural forms for your garden or a court yard. Small architectural forms are the most popular element of landscaping which each summer resident or the owner of the smallest cafe is able to afford. The Suhoff company provides services of...
Group: Device installation, mounting curbs
Laying of a border
Times of a sad block border of the Soviet sample passed! Now in Ukraine it is possible to buy the smooth, seamless border capable to get any form, the invoice, color and to repeat any lines. The Suhoff company provides services of production and installation of concrete borders in the European...
Group: Device installation, mounting curbs
Dust suppression and stabilization of soil
Dust suppression and stabilization of soil Forget about off road terrain, viscous dirt and harmful dust under legs and wheels - we pave temporary dirt roads and paths in the most difficult conditions only for several days and with the minimum expenses. The Suhoff company provides services of dust...
Group: Landscaping design of garden
Services of a gravel covering of soil
Imagine that in only 1 day it is possible to make the Earth's surface ideal - to create an exclusive covering of soil which will forever relieve you of dirt, dust, stones, pools under legs and wheels. In only 1 day you receive a solid access road to the house, a beautiful court yard of hotel and...
Group: Landscaping design of garden
The paving slabs shining
25 UAH(1 EUR)
Suhoffglow paving slabs is a usual international DIN 1338 standard for such products from concrete and as additional function a night luminescence. This shining stone for a paving happens any sizes. In a usual look color white-gray or light-blue, or light-green. And are in the dark capable to...
Group: Installation and assembly of products made of granite and marble
The shining paths
540 UAH(18 EUR)
Suhoffglow surface – Light in the dark. These are firm, smooth, seamless surfaces from pebble, gravel, or crushed stone of the photoluminescent stones connected among themselves by polyurethane with addition. This new generation of photoluminescent rare-earth materials. Are not toxic, not...
Group: Landscaping gardening area
Covering for the pool
370 UAH
Covering from natural pebble, peep, gravel and binding of organic chemistry. Has an unsurpassed beautiful appearance Porous, passes water. Does not slide Chemically and UF steady is not formed fungi Frost-resistant At big temperatures does not heat up as any other surfaces Durable is Easily cleaned
Group: Installation of swimming pools
Mulch from pebble around a tree
350 UAH(11 EUR)
Covering from the granulated Suhoffpit stones It is well proved strong, attractive surface for a hole around a tree. Porous, passing water and for a long time keeps the soil of damp. There are no free stones, creates effect of an impenetrable roof in a hole around a tree. About Suhoffpit, stones...
Group: Landscaping around the house


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